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Eyes in the Village Family Optometrist in Winnipeg

Our eye care professionals in Winnipeg, Manitoba go beyond 20/20 to help our patients see clearly far into the future.

We stay up to date with the rapid progress of medicine and technology, so you benefit from precise diagnoses and optimal treatments for a variety of conditions, such as dry eye disease.

We ensure you feel heard and understood during every visit and leave feeling ready to take on your day with healthy eyes and clear vision.

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Patient Testimonials
I am so happy with the service I received from Dr Maddie and the team at Eyes in the Village. I arrived there near closing time, but they never let me feel as if they are in a rush to get me out the door. In fact, the team showed me even more frames and was patient while I could not make up my mind. They even allowed me to make a choice of 2 frames, sleep over it and call them the next day with my choice. My glasses are awesome and I will be back in two years!
3 days ago
- Christa F.
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Garrett Leight Sunglasses
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Designer Eyeglasses

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Popular Eye Care Services

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Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lenses, there is no one size fits all. It is possible to experience discomfort and blurry vision, if contact lenses are not fitted properly.
Enjoy the comfort of contacts fitted by our eye care experts. We offer disposable soft contact, bifocal/multifocal, toric, & colored lenses.

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Eye Exams

Routine eye exams are important regardless of your age.
Our optometrists at Eyes in the Village recommend yearly eye exams in order to determine if you are at risk for potentially damaging eye conditions and eye diseases. In addition, our experts monitor any changes in your vision and your glasses prescription.

Meet Our Eye Doctors

The team at Eyes in the Village have the expertise in applying the most proven medical treatments that offer exceptional outcomes in eye care. Our family eye doctors offer eye care tips and advice to help you maintain healthy eyes for a lifetime. You can count on us to be your one-stop-shop for clear, comfortable, and healthy eyesight!

Dr. Luke Small, OD
Dr. Gina Small, OD
Dr. Allison Low
Dr. Madeleine Schuchardt

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