Prescription Lenses

Over the years, there have been many advancements in the field of eyewear – especially in the world of prescription lenses. Today’s glasses are more durable, lightweight, and thin than ever before. High-Index Lens offerings allow even people with extremely intense myopia to have thin, lightweight, and attractive glasses.

Other advances include specialized coatings such as anti-glare coatings that can help protect your eyes from excessive strain while looking at computers, and options like Essilor’s Preventia Coating that reduces eyestrain when using digital device by blocking the blue UV light that is common in LCD displays.

These advancements continue to reading glasses – with modern progressive lenses, bifocals are a thing of the past.

Advanced Lens Options

Single vision lenses correct either your near field or distant field of vision, allowing for maximum optical clarity whether you’re nearsighted (myopic) or farsighted (hyperopic). We offer incredible prescription lenses that are as thin and light as possible, utilizing high-index lenses when necessary. We can offer either traditionally manufactured lenses, or digitally-processed lenses for maximum comfort and accuracy – if you have questions about digital lenses, please come visit our Winnipeg optometrists, and ask!

Multifocal lenses are traditional lenses that include both near-distance and far-distance lenses – by looking through the bottom of the lens, you’re provided with a reading prescription, and the upper section of the lens includes a longer-distance prescription. This is true of both bifocals and trifocals, though trifocals usually include a middle-distance prescription in the middle of the lens.

Progressive lenses are a more modern type of multifocal lens. Multifocal lenses typically have a harsh “dividing line” between each field of vision. Progressive lenses incorporate advanced technology to provide a much more seamless visual experience, with a smooth transition between the near and far focus fields.

As your vision sweeps up the lens, the prescription changes from a reading-distance to a viewing-distance prescription. When properly sized, fit, and implemented, a great pair of progressive lenses ensures that you’ll never need more than one pair of glasses again. We have special digital instruments that can help you understand what it’s like to wear progressive lenses, and an AR (augmented reality) device that can help you get real-world experience wearing a progressive lens.

Finally, our measuring system – Reuben the Robot – takes over 15 different measurements while we craft your progressive lenses, ensuring that you have a totally flawless progressive prescription.

Transition lenses are specialized, “photochromic” lenses that have become a staple of today’s optical world. These lenses provide you with an all-in-one eyewear experience by adjusting to UV light when you’re outside – protecting your eyes – and becoming transparent again once you go back indoors.

Signature VII transition lenses are the most advanced transitional lenses yet, available in grey, brown, and Signature Green. These advanced lenses darken and lighten very quickly, providing a seamless experience, and XTRActive lenses are sensitive enough to UV rays that they will darken even while you’re driving.

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