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Polarized Glasses at Eyes in The Village Optometry

When you spend good money for a new pair of dark-tinted sunglasses, you expect to be protected against glare. Unfortunately, even the darkest lenses cannot necessarily block out those blinding glimmers of light that strike you from bright, snowy, or watery surfaces on a sunny day. For that extra degree of protection, you need to look into another type of light filtering. Here at Eyes in the village Optometry, our Winnipeg eye doctor can fit you with polarized lenses to tame those reflections.


Reflected Glare: A Challenge for Your Eyes

Most of the bright light blocked by ordinary sunglasses is either aimed directly at our eyes or streaming down from the sun and clouds above. Unfortunately for your eyes, however, some part of that light may be bounced back upward from items on the ground. This reflectivity is what allows us to see objects at all, but it can also impair vision if the reflected light takes the form of blinding glare. Standard sunglasses have trouble filtering this odd-angled light, and that's where polarization comes to the rescue.

Polarization is a method of blocking light only from selected angles. A polarized filter on a pair of glasses will allow light to stream in from above or straight ahead as it usually does, letting the tint of the sunglasses reduce the glare from those directions. At the same time, this filter works something like the blinds on a window, blocking the glare that rises upward from the sides. Polarization can make all the difference in your level of satisfaction with your sunglasses, especially if you regularly travel over concrete highways, sand dunes, snow, or bodies of water. Not only will your eyes experience less discomfort and strain, your improved visual clarity may also help you avoid a hazardous situation.

Polarized Filters from Our Winnipeg Eye Doctor

Our Winnipeg eye doctor can provide polarized prescription or non-prescription sunglasses for every member of your family. We can even polarize non-tinted lenses if you're trying to reduce glare levels in a brightly-illuminated workplace or other indoor environment. Of course, your sunglasses or eyeglasses will also feature the beautiful styling and perfect fit that you've come to expect from our eyewear selection.

Need to Cut That Annoying Glare? Ask Our Optometrist for Help

Don't let annoying glare interfere with your quality of life. Call Eyes in the Village Optometry today at (204) 477-1636 to schedule an appointment with our Winnipeg optometrist and request your much-needed pair of polarized glasses.

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