Pediatric Eye Exams

While all of our senses are important when it comes to having a good quality of life, our vision often takes center stage when it comes to navigating the world around us. That is why we safeguard both our vision and eye health, as well as that of our children. At Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg, we are committed to being a complete family eye doctor. Whether you are looking for comprehensive eye care for your children or need to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for yourself, we are ready to assist you.


A Pediatric Eye Doctor You Can Trust

Many parents wait for some indication from their child's school that there are problems with their child's vision. We recommend parents stay ahead of the game by visiting a pediatric eye doctor before the child begins school. A child's first eye exam can occur as young as six months of age. Although it will look significantly different than an eye exam for an adult, it will still reveal important information regarding your child’s vision and overall eye health.

Early eye exams that occur before the age of two play a critical role in assuring that children learn how to see. They will learn to coordinate eye movements and have them work together as a team. Proper vision is essential for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and depth perception. 

As kids grow older, they are tested for proper eye teaming, color vision, and various refractive errors. To assure that their vision is progressing properly, children should visit the family eye doctor at least once per year, even if they are not experiencing an obvious vision issue.

Watching Out for Vision Issues

Blurry vision is not only inconvenient, but it can lead to various learning difficulties and struggles that can continue into adulthood. Red flags include sensitivity to light, eye tearing, eye turning, seeing clearly, poor distance judging, and reading difficulties may all indicate impaired vision development. If any of these red flags become apparent in your child, contact our optometrist so we can investigate the issue further.

Contact Our Optometrist in Winnipeg

At Eyes in the Village Optometry, our pediatric eye doctor has years of providing Winnipeg residents with reliable eye care services. For more information on the importance of pediatric eye exams or to schedule an eye exam with our pediatric eye doctor, call us at (204) 477-1636.

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