Nonprescription Sunglasses

Eyes in the Village carries a huge selection of beautiful sunglasses which can be made into prescription sunglasses, customized by each user, or simply worn as-is. We always refresh our inventory with the latest releases from top-notch designer and boutique lines, so you’ll always have the best selection for your eye care needs. 

When you buy sunglasses from us, you also get a huge range of lens upgrade and customization options for both non-prescription and prescription sunglasses.

Types of lenses

Polarized lenses use specialized coatings to reduce reflected glare which can be an issue with standard sunglasses and prescription lenses. This makes them great for activities like driving, boating, fishing, and sports. In addition, individuals who are sensitive to the sun may enjoy polarized sunglasses, as the sun protection provided by their advanced coatings allows the eye to be protected and relaxed. We can accommodate both single-vision or progressive lenses in most of our designer sunglasses frames.

Mirror coated lenses are both functional and fashionable, as they provide a cool, stylish look and superior eye protection. The mirrored finish reflects additional light, creating a secondary sunlight protection barrier that keeps your eyes safe. These finishes are also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your own look.

Gradient tints, as the name might imply, are dark at the top of the lens, and get lighter as you move toward the bottom. This throwback, 70s & 80s style is totally retro and cool, and provides wearers of progressive lenses with a great alternative to transition lenses.

Since progressive lenses include reading prescriptions in the lower part of the lens, gradient lenses are a great choice – you can see clearly when you’re reading outdoors, and still protect your eyes from the sun when you look up from what you are reading.

Custom lens tints are also available. Got a pair of sunglasses with a unique tint you can’t find anywhere else? We can arrange for your new prescription or standard sunglasses to be tinted using the same technique by sending in your existing sunglass lens to the manufacturer, or custom-tinting a demo lens in our lab for manufacturer reference.

Crizal coatings offer backside anti-reflective and UV absorption protection. The tint on the back of these lenses protects your eyes from all UV light – even the light that comes from behind you. The advanced coating absorbs and scatters the light that comes from behind you, disallowing it from reflecting into your eyes. This can help prevent issues like macular degeneration and cataracts.

FL-41 migraine tints offer patients who suffer from migraines an alternative coating that can help prevent the visual symptoms and light sensitivities of migraines. These red/pink colored tints have been clinically proven to help with migraine symptoms, and reduce the sensitivity of patients to light.

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