Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Care at Eyes in the Village Optometry

An estimated 196 million people around the world suffer from a condition known as macular degeneration, with the number potentially reaching 288 million within the next two decades. This age-related retinal problem can cause profound, debilitating vision loss if it goes undiagnosed and untreated. The good news is that you can take positive steps to protect your eyesight against macular degeneration, with the assistance of our team at Eyes in the Village Optometry in Winnipeg.


Causes and Effects of Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration involves progressive, irreversible damage to a part of the retina called the macula. This zone of light-sensitive cells handles central visual data, making it possible for you to see objects directly ahead of you clearly. The condition typically becomes evident after the age of 60. Although age remains the biggest single risk factor for macular degeneration, conditions such as obesity, smoking, hypertension, and eating a poor diet may also contribute to its development. Excessive exposure to UV rays or blue light may play a role in macular degeneration as well.

Most people who experience macular degeneration get the "dry" variety of the disease. In dry macular degeneration, the macula accumulates yellowish deposits known as drusen, which may or may not impair vision. At the same time, the macular tissue grows thinner and thinner, raising the risk for vision loss. Some of these patients will eventually develop wet macular degeneration, in which abnormal blood vessels grow and leak blood into the eye, producing more serious vision loss.

Macular degeneration damages your central field of vision, causing lines to become wavy or blank spots to develop in this zone. You may retain peripheral vision, but you will have trouble seeing faces, watching TV, or reading. 

Preventative Care and Treatment Options from Your Winnipeg Optometrist

Your Winnipeg optometrist at our clinic can check for macular degeneration during routine eye exams by inspecting your retinal tissues, looking for abnormal blood vessel development, and checking your visual acuity. If you show early signs of the disorder, we will focus on minimizing its progression. you may benefit from lifestyle changes that include dietary adjustments, weight loss, smoking cessation, and regular use of sunglasses or computer glasses.

If you develop wet macular degeneration, we may recommend the use of injected drugs to stop further blood vessel growth in the eyes. If blood leakage continues to cause problems, we may refer you for more advanced procedures to seal off blood vessels or remove accumulated blood.

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