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When you begin noticing that you are having vision difficulties, it may start as having difficulties seeing things far away or close up.  Perhaps you realize that you are starting to squint to see more clearly.  This is when you need to visit a trusted eye care professional.  At Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg, MB, our team is ready to help you.  Our optometrists and optical team can ensure that your vision is clear and that you have the eyeglasses that you need. 


When Should I Get Eyeglasses?

As many times vision can change slowly over time, it may not be readily apparent when you need to get glasses. Regular visits to your optometrist are important. During these visits, the doctor will determine the condition of your vision, but they will also look for signs of ocular disease. Many of these conditions are serious and being able to identify them early is very important.  If you notice any of these signs, it is a good idea to make a trip to the doctor.  These include:

  • Seeing a halo when looking at a light.
  • Having difficulty when reading, watching tv, or driving.
  • Regularly squinting.
  • Headaches, blurry vision, or eye strain

How Can Eyeglasses Help?

There are several conditions that eyeglasses can be used to help make your vision clear.  These include:

  • Myopia:  Commonly referred to as nearsightedness, when you have myopia, your close vision is clear.  Distance vision will be difficult, though.  This can make daily tasks such as driving more difficult.
  • Hyperopia:  This is known as far sightedness.  While your close vision may be blurry, your distance vision will be clear.
  • Presbyopia: This occurs as we age and creates blurry vision.
  • Astigmatism:  The eye is normally round, but some conditions can cause the cornea to curve abnormally into more of an oval shape.  This is a common condition that can benefit from eyeglasses.

How Frequently Should Eyeglass Prescriptions be Updated?

This varies from person to person.  This is a reason to visit your optometrist each year.  They will be able to let you know when your prescription has changed enough that you will need new glasses.  Most people find that they need new glasses every two to three years.  If your doctor recommends getting new glasses, putting it off can cause eye strain.

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At Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg, MB, our team works hard to ensure that you have the best vision possible. With our onsite and online optical center, you will find the stylish frames that are perfect for you. After a visit with your optometrist, you will be ready to see the world clearly again. Your vision is important. Come see us today! 

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