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meet-drbenjiYour eye health is a critical part of your overall well-being. You go to the doctor for a yearly physical checkup, you go to the dentist for a twice-yearly oral health checkup – and if you’re a healthy adult, you should be seeing your eye doctor for an examination every two years.

Eye exams don’t just give you a chance to update your prescription and allow you to see more clearly – a comprehensive eye examination gives your eye doctor the chance to diagnose potential medical problems that could impair your eyesight in the future. Catching these diagnoses early is essential for providing great care – the earlier your eye doctor diagnoses you, the better your prognosis will be.

At Eyes in the Village, our eye examination is very thorough and comprehensive, allowing our doctors to get a comprehensive look into your visual systems, and the overall health of your eyes. Our technologically-advanced exams assist in evaluating your prescription lens and contact lens needs, checking your peripheral vision, analyzing your intraocular pressure, and other basic tests required to evaluate the general health of your eye.

Full eye examinations allow our doctors to determine what types of visual correction are the best for your personal needs. We take many factors into account to determine this, including your specific daily visual needs, the history of your eye health, your current prescription solution, and your profession. We will test your ability to see clearly at different distances, and determine the proper prescription for your glasses and contact lenses by using a measurement of your visual acuity, plus a computer-assisted model of your refractive error.

Our professional optometrists will take the needs of each individual into account before recommending a prescription, and we will provide suggestions that are based on your preferences for your glasses and contacts.

In addition, we can use a number of advanced instruments and procedures to evaluate your eyes for common diseases. Our biomicroscope is used to check your eyes for common afflictions like dry eye, floaters, ocular allergies, retinal issues, cataracts, and macular degeneration, allowing us to catch early signs of systemic disease.

Often, common systemic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can be revealed during an eye exam, as can many neurological conditions. Our advanced techniques and dilated eye exams allow us to get a good look at your eye, and understand both your eye health and your overall well-being.

Other tests that we perform include depth perception and 3-D vision tests that can allow us to diagnose issues like strabismus, testing of your ocular muscle vergence fusion, and assessing your color vision capabilities for colorblindness. We also offer testing for computer vision syndrome.

To Conclude:

After your comprehensive exam, we will provide you with a final consultation with a summary of our findings, and have a discussion about treatment options related to your symptoms, our findings, and our recommendations. These options can include updated eyeglasses, new contact lens prescriptions, laser corrective vision surgery, or referral to a specialist ophthalmologist.

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