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Eye Exam ImageEyes in the Village in Winnipeg is a full-service optometry practice that can perform eye and vision exams, as well as prescribe contacts and lenses. We even have a large selection of frames available at our practice. An eye and vision exam with an optometrist at our practice serves two main functions. First of all, to update an existing vision correction prescription you have or get a vision correction prescription for the first time. Secondly, to diagnose a variety of eye conditions and help you get treatment, if necessary. To learn more about eye and vision exams at our practice, read on.

Getting or Updating a Prescription with Our Optometrist

One service that we routinely provide to our patients at their eye exams is to update their vision correction prescription or provide them with a vision correction prescription for the first time. Our eye exam includes extensive vision tests to make sure that your current prescription is working or to see what sort of prescription you may need if you don't already have one. Our expertise and advanced equipment allow us to accurately diagnose your vision problems and provide you with the right prescription.

Diagnosing Diseases

Many people think that optometrists deal with vision problems and not eye health problems. However, we diagnose both ocular conditions and vision problems. Some of the conditions that we can diagnose include common and serious eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Checks for such diseases are an integral part of our eye exams. If we do find a serious eye condition, we'll help you get the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

Contact Us for Eye and Vision Exams

Here at Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg, we perform a comprehensive eye and vision exam to take care of your vision correction and ocular health needs. Of course, our optometrists can do much more than that. We can prescribe the contacts and lenses you may need for optimal vision. We can even treat many eye health conditions. Make an appointment for an eye exam by calling us during our business hours or by reaching out through our website. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and to set a time that works for your schedule. Our number is 204-430-5586.

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