Dry Eye FAQs

Although dry eye is a common eye condition, that does not mean you have to put up with its irritating symptoms. At Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg, we can recommend dry eye treatment options that can help you find dry eye relief.


What causes dry eye?

Dry eye may occur for two reasons. Your eyes may not be producing enough tears to keep them moist. Another reason could be that your eyes are producing low-quality tears that are lacking in oil to properly lubricate your eyes. Either way, the results are the same – dry, irritated eyes.

Who is susceptible to dry eye?

Although anyone can develop dry eye, seniors are more susceptible to this condition as the eyes produce fewer tears as you grow older. If you work outdoors, you may develop dry eye due to overexposure to dry weather, wind, and sun which can affect your tear production.

People on certain types of medications like antihistamines or with certain medical conditions like Sjogren’s syndrome are also more prone to developing this condition. Furthermore, people who work on computers all day may not blink enough when using these devices. Blinking helps produce tears to keep your eyes moist.

What are some common symptoms of dry eye?

People with dry eye generally experience red, dry, itchy eyes. Your eyes may burn or feel gritty or become sensitive to light. You may have discharge in your eyes which can blur your vision. Teary eyes are also a symptom of dry eye as your eyes overcompensate for the dryness by producing an abundance of tears. These tears are of low quality, however, and do little to provide dry eye relief.

How is dry eye diagnosed?

Our optometrists in Winnipeg can diagnose dry eye by measuring the volume of your tears and testing their quality. If you have dry eye, we will recommend dry eye treatment to manage your symptoms.

How do optometrists treat dry eye?

Mild dry eye cases can be treated with over the counter artificial tears to keep your eyes lubricated. For severe cases, we may recommend prescription eye drops, punctal plugs to help retain tears in your eyes, or Lumecca and Forma treatments. Our eye care specialist will discuss these options with you after your eye exam.

See Our Winnipeg Eye Care Specialists for Dry Eye Treatment

If you suffer from dry eye, take heart, you are not alone. We can help you find the dry eye relief you deserve at Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg. Call us today at (204) 477-1636 to schedule a consultation with one of our optometrists.

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