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If your vision is not as sharp as you believe it should be, you have likely thought about seeing an eye doctor to determine whether or not you need vision correction services. If you do, and you wish to try contact lenses, our optometrist will help you select lenses that suit you perfectly. Give Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg a call to set up a visit for a contact lens exam and fitting. Here is some information about what you can expect during this session.

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Documentation Is Collected and Assessed

When you first arrive at your appointment, a staff member will give you paperwork to fill out. This will ask you questions about your vision and your overall health. Our optometrist will use this information to help determine whether you have an optical condition that requires treatment. If you have vision insurance, be sure to bring in your card or call us in advance of your appointment. We can contact your provider to find out about your coverage.

Your Eye Health Is Checked for Medical Conditions

Looking at your eyes in detail will help determine whether or not you have a condition that requires treatment. Your eyes are checked using state-of-the-art equipment in the comfort of our office. Each test is non-invasive in nature and gives our optometrist a clearer picture of the condition of your eyes and eyesight. If you decide to have your eyes dilated to check for even more medical conditions, be sure to bring along a driver as your vision will be a bit fuzzy for a few hours after testing.

Your Prescription Strength Is Determined

Whether you are opting for traditional glasses or contact lenses, you need a vision test to determine your prescription strength. You will be asked to read a list of numbers and/or letters in various sizes that presented to you from a chart. Our eye doctor will change glass shields for you look through to sharpen images according to your direction. When the right strength is found, contact lenses or eyeglasses can be ordered. If you opt for contact lenses, you will also need to be sized. You will need to look into an eyepiece while our practitioner sits opposite you and the sizing machinery. This only takes a few seconds to complete and ensures the contacts you are presented with do not slip out of place once they are inserted.

If you require a Contact Lens Exam, contact Eyes in the Village in Winnipeg to make an appointment with our optometrist. We are conveniently located, offer many services at our facility, and are ready to help you see better. Call (204) 477-1636 for more information or to make an appointment.

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