Contact Lens Evaluation

Our Eyes in the Village expert optometrist, Dr. Benji, is responsible for contact lens evaluations, fittings, and re-fits. After he performs a comprehensive evaluation of your eye and your vision, he will discuss the different contact lens options that are available to you, allowing you to select the best options for your lifestyle, profession, and visual needs. If you suffer from conditions like dry eye, allergies, or eye infections that recur, ensure you speak to us about your issues to determine whether or not contact lenses are appropriate for your eyes.

Our optometrist will require a determination of your level of necessary vision corrector before prescribing contact lenses. Refractive error (astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness, depending on the type of error) is evaluated by measuring the focusing abilities of eye. A series of different lenses are placed in front of the eyes, and the patient and optometrist work together to determine the required level of correction.

We also offer bifocal/multifocal/progressive contact lenses. These advanced lenses work well for those who are older than 40 or require multifocal glasses, providing the same beneficial multiple fields of vision.

Corrective Lenses

After our optometrist has determined the overall health of your eyes and your level of refractive error, he will work with you to determine whether contact lenses or glasses are more appropriate for your eyes and your lifestyle. Chronic conditions such as dry eye, allergies, and other such medical problems can sometimes rule out contact lenses, making glasses a better choice for your needs.

If contact lenses are right for you, you may also discuss whether soft contact lenses or rigid, gas permeable lenses are better for your eyes. Contact lenses are available in a variety of different styles, some of which require daily changing, and some of which will last for up to a month. Your habit, preferences, and eye health will be the primary determining factors of which type to choose. You will also discuss with our optometrist whether or not you need bifocal or progressive contact lenses.

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