Child Eye Exams / Glasses

Annual eye exams are important for children because they often lack the ability to discern whether or not their eyesight is good. They may not even understand what “normal” vision is. Because of this, it’s best to have them examined annually, even if you haven’t noticed a specific issue with their vision.

Eye exams can begin when your child is as young as six months. Starting to examine their eyes early can help us catch any problems they may have with their eye development early, and provide solutions. We recommend bringing your children in for eye examinations at least once a year, as children grow very quickly.

Failing to diagnose eye problems can cause learning issues. 80% of everything that we learn comes through our eyes, so having an undiagnosed vision problem can be a huge problem for school-aged kids, and these problems are often misdiagnosed as attention or learning deficit disorders. 1 in 4 school aged children have learning difficulties that are related to their vision, so it’s crucial that they are diagnosed for vision issues early and often.

School vision screenings are helpful, but do not provide a thorough diagnosis of your child’s eye health. For that, you must see a licensed optometrist for a full exam, and ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy, strong, and getting whatever assistance is necessary.

Signs that your child may have visual issues include:

  • Eye rubbing
  • Frequent headaches
  • Constant squinting
  • Holding books or objects at unusual distances – too close, or too far away
  • Blinking excessively
  • Favoring one eye over another by turning the head or covering the other eye
  • Sitting too close to televisions or computers
  • Swollen, red, encrusted eyes
  • Recurring styes or infections on eyelids
  • Eyes that are misaligned or fail to work together
  • Use of fingers to follow lines while reading

If you notice any combination of these signs and symptoms in your children, arrange an eye examination at Eyes in the Village as soon as you can.

Non-Insured Health Benefits & EIA

We here at Eyes in the Village are able to bill directly to NIHB/Treaty/Indian Affairs/Nunavut Health as well as EIA/Social Assistance . We are happy to help each and every person with eyeballs and ensure their eyes are healthy and their visual needs are met regardless of their financial situation.

Direct Billing

We Direct Bill to:

  • Great West Life
  • Blue Cross
  • Manulife (Payment sent to Clinic)
  • Sunlife (Payment sometimes sent to Plan Member)
  • Green shield
  • Medavie
  • MPI
  • Levitt Safety
  • 3M Safety
  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Johnston Group
  • Maximum Benefit
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Winnipeg

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